The end is in sight

My son woke up this morning, and wanted to hit the books before breakfast! I was a bit surprised, but since we only have 3 subjects left to get through I understand his enthusiasm. We were so far behind with how busy we have been, but we have caught up and then some. Last year we finished around May 5th. We might be able to finish around that time again this year.

I have been looking into different craft projects that are kid friendly, since we are so close to finishing school but the hours still need to be filled. The weather is still chilly in my area, and the mud season is here too, so outdoor options are limited. We play board games, and video games together, but I want us to get into some projects too. We saw a few options online today that might be fun, but I have many days to fill before swimming season starts and we’re out of the house more than in it. 😉

Do you have any favorite crafts to do with your kids? I have a boy who will be 10 next month, and need to find some things to do with him. He wants to learn to crochet, but since he is left handed I find it super hard to teach him. (I only know a few stitches myself anyway.) I’m thinking I might pick up some artist canvas the next time I head to the craft store so he can do some painting, and some shrink plastic too. He thought the shrink plastic idea was cool, but he is worried about his drawing skills being limited and his project not turning out right. I told him not to worry about that, since it’s just about being creative and unique.


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