Taking a day off of work, and the blessings that come with it.

My baby had his 6 month check up and vaccinations yesterday. Therefore he was not himself last night, but rather cranky and loud at my bedtime instead of sleeping peacefully. Luckily I work opposite days than my husband, so on nights when one of us needs to sleep for work, the other takes the night shift with the baby. Unfortunately, even with hubby trying to console our little guy I was still awake when 10pm rolled around, and my first alarm goes off at 1:45am. I did not get much sleep, and woke up feeling quite ill at 2am. The snow that fell last night probably added to my feeling ill today too. So, today I took a sick day from my job, but I still had/have work to do. Being an adult and parent means that a day off is not a break. Thankfully after getting some more sleep I was feeling much better.

Taking the day off of work meant I could be home to spend the day with my boys. (I refer to my husband, my oldest son and baby as “my boys” quite often.) I got to enjoy the job of feeding my baby a lovely mixture of peas and banana that he just gobbled up. He wore a lot of it, and it was a challenge to keep his hands out of the dish and from grabbing the spoon. The smile on his face was more than worth the mess. 🙂

Being home to answer some of the questions my oldest had during his school day has been nice too. He can get frustrated with his work at times, and I am happy to be here to help him work out his problem or to support him emotionally. Sometimes it’s both, since he can get upset with himself once an answer seems so clear. I just have to tell him that answers come quicker and easier with experience….and age. 😉

Taking the time off of work to be available to do household chores has not been the highlight of my day, but it has given my husband some time to get into God’s Word and share what he has learned with me and on his blog. I feel so blessed to have a husband with such a passion for learning and teaching God’s Word. He has been my greatest spiritual influence and I feel guilty at times for sucking up the knowledge he has without giving anything back in return.

I have been able to keep up with the day-to-day chores of running a household, and was even able to take some time to make a batch of homemade baby food too. It can be hard for my husband and I to keep up with the day-to-day stuff since we work opposite days. Whoever is home is in charge of homeschooling our oldest and caring for our infant. Those things alone can feel like a fulltime job, but cooking and cleaning needs to get done too. I am truly blessed to have a husband who is willing to help out, nevermind take on all the tasks he does around here. I feel like we have done a good job balancing the household chores between us, and I hope that is noticed by my sons. I would be very pleased to have my sons turn out to be men like their father who aren’t afraid to do what some men consider “women’s work”. They will surely have happier marriages if they don’t treat their wives like slaves, but like a teammate instead. My husband and I have spoken about what it might be like if I were a SAHM, but since we both work outside of the house we share the household duties too. I may take on more of the household duties since my husband has been working on his blog now. Sharing God’s Word is much more important to me than having help with the laundry, or something trivial. I will need to work on my lack of motivation, to actually take on more of the chores around here though.

I feel like the blessings I have been given today here with my boys far outweigh the financial blessing working would have brought me. I do feel bad that I was not at my job, and hope that my time off hasn’t affected any of my co-workers too negatively.


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