Easter is Coming. Beware of This “Holiday” Disguised as a Holy Day.

This is a link to one of my husband’s blogs. We feel the same way about things, but he has the skill to put our feelings into this format and share them. 🙂

Who I am after religion

I was reminded today at work that Easter is coming. My employer is giving us a big Easter breakfast on Sunday morning. I will be honest. Every time I hear the word Easter, I cringe. I cringe because of what Easter actually means and what millions of Christians think that it means. I grew up in a very secular type of Christian home. We knew about God and Jesus, but that didn’t stop Santa and The Easter Bunny from showing up. It was a childhood of mixed messages for me that I now know can be quite harmful. Some people celebrate Easter with a bunny and eggs and some celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Both are acceptable, right? So what is the big deal? People can celebrate any way they choose as long as their heart is in the right place, can’t they? What does the Bible say about the human heart? The Bible…

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